NPC Groups

Rusted Kingdom has five major NPC factions all with their own various agendas plus one standalone quester expansion.

Dusters: ( Main Questline )

The Dusters are a loose coalition of survivors just really trying to make it through the day. On the surface they have tried to stay neutral and not get involved in the war between the Crimson Covenant and the Rustborn Brotherhood, they really just want one side to win and win well but they don’t care who. They have only rarely run into Vector and do not have any relations with them. The Dusters are hostile to Anders and his crew. The Dusters serve as the initial “main” storyline that players can play through. You will get to choose a class and gain powers from working your way through the Dusters questline.


Vector: Neutral

Rustborn Brotherhood: Neutral

Crimson Covenant: Neutral

Anders: Hostile

Leader: Brady

Other notable NPCS: Zanzibar, Fred, Craig, Carmel


Crimson Covenant ( Side questline )

The Crimson Covenant is a religions group who were the first to move into Rust City after the end of the world. Initially they were peaceful towards locals but they quickly got more insistent on the local population joining their religion which is loosely based on mixtures of the Christian and Islamic faiths. The arrival of the Rustborn Brotherhood scouting party has complicated their position as the Crimson Covenant is smaller in size than the Rustborn Brotherhood but they have been entrenched longer. Magic is not tolerated in the Crimson Covenant or at least frowned upon, despite members of the Covenant seeming to wield it themselves. The Covenant have their own questline and story players can play through.


Vector: Hostile

Rustborn Brotherhood: At war

Dusters: Neutral

Anders: Neutral

Leader: Prophet

Other Notable NPCs: Spookhandler.

Rustborn Brotherhood ( Side Questline )

The Rustborn Brotherhood are a late entrant to Rust City. Currently only a small scouting party has taken up residence on a small island close to Rust City. Despite the similarity in name, the Rustborn Brotherhood actually are from a neighboring state looking to make their first major expansion. The Rustborn believe they are bringing order into chaos, their heavy handed approach to local residents has not left them winning any popularity contests. That being said, their foothold is very secure, they operate out of a small submarine which is now permanently docked and it is only a matter of time before a larger Rustborn force enters Rust City to battle the Crimson Covenant. The Brotherhood have their own questline players can play through


Crimson Covenant: At War

Dusters: Neutral

Vector: Hostile

Anders: Neutral

Leader: Captain Elvanbee

Other Notable NPCs: Penny, Corporal Jenkins,

Vector ( Expansion Questline – follows on from Dusters )

No-one seems to know much about Vector. They have seemingly been around a long time, yet have remained under the radar. People know of them but don’t really know what they stand for and what they are doing in Rust City. They¬† don’t seem to get in anyone’s way or help anyone. Noone knows where they are from but whenever a Vector operative is seen, they seem to be exceptionally powerful in comparison to the individuals of the other factions. Vector questline is complete but requires a Vector Expansion Key, 3rd March 2024


Neutral to everyone.

Leader: Smoking Man

Other notable NPCs: Arutha, Ryu, Ensidiam, Oscar

Anders (Protagonist) 

Anders is a formerly insanely wealthy scientist who owned his own big pharma company. Once the world ended and regulations went out with civilization, he has attempted to fully devote himself to the pursuit of science at the cost of his own morality. Anders and his people are actively trying to overrun Rust City and use it as their base of operations and use it as a launching point to invade other nearby city states. Currently he is focusing his energies on the Dusters due to their interference with his experiments and his technological research. Anders group serves as the protagonists for the Dusters quests and there are no quests to help Anders or his people


Crimson Covenant, Rustborn Brotherhood and Vector: Neutral

Dusters: Hostile

Leader: Anders

Other Notable Members: Nestor, Foam

Chiras ( Sidequests )

Chiras is a treasure hunter, plain and simple. You can help him search for treasure around the world and share in his special items and loot. Expansion released 10th March 2024 but requires a Chiras Expansion Key

Delphine ( Sidequests )

Delphine is in a struggle between the city of Mranto and the forces of the Ebon Hand. Expansion released 24th of March but requires a Mranto Expansion Key. This expansion unlocks vehicles. ( Helicopter, Car, Bike, Plane )


Todd ( Sidequests )

Todd is a small business owner looking for help fulfilling his supply chain problems. He can be found near spawn.


Bruiser ( sidequests )

Bruiser is a little add on quester you can get extra bonuses for if you kill mobs she asks for. She is near spawn